Knowing Truth That Makes You Free

by Oct 4, 2021Theme: What Is Truth?

Continued from yesterday…

Knowing the truth that makes us free is more complicated than we first thought. Our minds were conditioned in childhood by emotional and traumatic experiences that activated fear. This fear prevents us from seeing clearly. It has us wired to view things not as they are, but as the fear and insecurity in our minds wants and needs things to be.

So if our sense of self is rooted in a specific set of beliefs, then we are incapable of considering another path to be true. Fear keeps us in the fold. We would rather live with the familiarity of emotional pain and dysfunction, than to seek for truth.

Therefore, our beliefs are holding us hostage to fear. So the very thing that we thought would make us free has now become that which makes us miss the mark, because fear is the unconscious filter through which we interpret our reality.

To be continued tomorrow…

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