Impregnating Your Subconscious With Life

by Jul 2, 2021Theme: The Power Of Imagination

Why is imagination so crucial for human achievement? There are many reasons, but one explanation has to do with your subconscious. When you imagine the goal, or the destination, you are impregnating your subconscious with beliefs that guide your actions and behavior. What you also find is that you will begin to attract desired people, things, and circumstances to achieve what you imagine.

Charles Haanel in The Master Key System suggests that “you must see the picture more and more complete, see the detail, and, as the details begin to unfold, the ways and means for bringing it into manifestation will develop.” He then adds that “one thing will lead to another. Thought will lead to action, action will develop methods, methods will develop friends, and friends will bring about circumstances, and, finally, the third step, or materialization, will have been accomplished.”

Jesus described to his followers a similar view when he said, “whatever things you ask…believing in your heart you will receive.”

So pause throughout the day and allow your heart, or your subconscious, to be painted with a clear image of the kind of life you want. It’s the starting point to living your best life.

Adapted from David Youngren, Beyond Limits: 7 Steps To Create The Life of Your Dreams

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