Evolution As The Spirit-In-Action

by Nov 22, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

Continued from yesterday…

When I began to search for truth that would set me free, it didn’t take long before I became more interested in science.

If I could trust science’s inventions to get me on a gigantic Boeing 777 for a 15-hour flight across the ocean, and fork over a considerable amount of money for the latest Apple device, I could not turn a deaf ear to other aspects of science that were not as friendly to my religious traditions.

Of all scientific studies, evolution appeared to me as most hostile toward God. But the more I learned about evolution (and my misconceptions thereof), and the intriguing world of quantum physics, the more my eyes were opened to a beautiful reality that only strengthened my spirituality.

My newfound understanding of evolution and Christ were not opposing ideas but instead pointed in the same direction. Evolution was actually the spirit-in-action moving us toward a new creation—the formation of Christ-centric consciousness in all humanity.

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