Benefits Of Meditating On God As Love

by Dec 19, 2021Theme: Heart Transformation

Continued from yesterday…

When you meditate upon God as love, you experience oneness with that love. Your unconscious mind discovers the true essence of your spirit that is one with God, which also makes you conscious of selfless love. In that awareness you find that love is who you are, not just as an intellectual concept, but as a deep inner knowing that guides your life.

Living with such consciousness not only brings about emotional wellbeing, increased intelligence and creativity, and a boost in your immune system, but it also transforms our shared human experience.

Peace on earth and good will toward all are no longer unattainable concepts and ideas, but the fruit of our shared transformation. I am love becomes our conscious collective identity, and that revelation in our heart is essential for a better world for everyone. This is how, like the butterfly, you emerge from your chrysalis transformed.

This may be a good time to pause for a moment and reflect on—I am love.

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