Be Cast Into the Sea

by Jul 5, 2021Theme: The Power Of Imagination

Jesus said that if you don’t doubt in your heart, but believe what you say will come to pass, you will say to this mountain, be cast into the sea, and it shall be done. At first glance, that statement makes no sense. But when we delve into Jesus’ words a bit deeper and consider what we now know through quantum physics, there is more to this statement than we may realize.

First off, let’s look at the original context of this story.

No. 1 – According to Solomon, the heart refers to your subconscious sense of identity. The heart also refers to your feelings or emotions. So when we combine those two definitions, we learn that the heart refers to the feelings, below conscious thought, that you have about who you are.

No. 2 – The word doubt is interesting because, in the ancient Greek language, the word derives from two root words: dia (through) and krino (condemnation). In other words, to doubt is to feel condemned or to feel like, “I am not enough the way I am.”

Jesus was essentially saying that the first step to manifesting the impossible has to do with “being” and not “doing.” You must awaken within, beyond form and the egoic mind, to your true self that is void of condemnation — your eternal spirit that is one with God. Out of that awareness flows infinite potential.

Then after that, Jesus said that you must believe in your heart (subconscious) what you say will come to pass. Of course, this extraordinary comment about the beliefs of your subconscious may still not make sense…until we unlock the whole world of quantum mechanics.

We now know that thoughts in our subconscious can influence the molecules that make up matter. Jesus referred to these unconscious thoughts as beliefs. Thus, beliefs were not a mere intellectual agreement with a particular dogma; they were the spirit, or the energy field of information, that reside deep within one’s soul and subconscious heart. That’s why Jesus made extraordinary statements about this mountain (a specific) being cast into the sea, and claiming that all things are possible to them that believes.

Adapted from David Youngren, Beyond Limits: 7 Steps To Create The Life of Your Dreams

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